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Buying a car is difficult even with an honest car salesperson and dealer. When you are buying from a dishonest salesperson or dealer, it can be a nightmare.

Car dealers can take a wrecked car that should be salvaged and make it look like new. If the dealer does not conspicuously disclose this type of damage to you, and you buy the car , you have become a victim of a particular type of fraud perpetrated by the dealer. Sometimes the damage is less than what it takes to consider the car salvage, but enough that it causes you a lot of problems soon after you buy it. This kind of fix-up-and-sell can also be a fraud on the consumer without proper disclosures. Dealers have even gone so far as to replace odometers or spin them so the mileage that shows on the odometer is a lot less than the true mileage. When old-car-problems start on a car with low mileage, this can be an indication of odometer tampering.

Wisconsin and Federal law provides remedies for consumers victimized by a car dealer’s unethical and unlawful practices.

I represent victims of these unfair and deceptive practices in Wisconsin.

Car Fraud New Car Defects: Wisconsin Lemon Law

Wisconsin Lemon law is a state act at Wis. Stat. 218.0171 that applies to the purchase or lease of a new vehicle (car, truck, motorized RV or motorcycle) – not used cars. It applies to new vehicle purchases during the 1st year and if the manufacturer’s warranty has not expired.

The Lemon Law applies when the dealer fails four times to fix the same defect or the vehicle was out of service for 30 days or more due to defects.

The manufacturer is then obligated to either (1) replace the vehicle and reimburse you for any collateral costs (like towing) or (2) or provide you a refund of your purchase price, sales tax, any finance charge, and collateral costs, less a mileage deduction. If the dealer refuses, a consumer has a right to bring a claim against the dealer under this law to enforce these rights and even recover additional amounts for damages and attorney’s fees and costs associated with the enforcement action.

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