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Coercion of Your Vote Prohibited at Work in Wisconsin Coercion At Work Prohibited

, by Wyatt D. Dittburner and Gordon Leech.

Review of Your  Potential  Claim

Whether your rights were violated is a fact intensive inquiry. We review potential claims of employment discrimination on an individual consultation basis, where we discuss what occurred, the law and whether we are interested in representing you in pursuing a violation. To find out more, contact us.

About The Author

Wyatt D. Dittburner is a May 2013, J.D. Candidate for his Juris Doctor at Marquette Law School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wyatt is currently a Senior Law Clerk with the Consumer & Employment Law Center of Wisconsin.

Gordon Leech is an Attorney and Managing Member of the Consumer & Employment Law Center of Wisconsin, S.C., representing people in consumer and employment matters.