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Job Opportunities Common Reasons for Inaccurate Credit Reports
  1. Mixing someone else's information into your reports
  2. Inaccurate reporting of payment history by the creditor
  3. Misapplication of payments on multiple accounts, showing a larger amount due on undisputed debt, but a smaller amount on disputed debt
  4. Indicating a bankruptcy on your report when you are a co-signer on a debt but not personally in bankruptcy
  5. Accounts fraudulently opened by Identity Theft
  6. Impermissible Access by Spouses, Insurance, Account Reviews, Employers, Opposing Party in Litigation, Car Dealer, Bank
  7. Double Entries on the same account
  8. Multiple reports of the same debt by former and a current debt collector
  9. Reporting a more recent date of delinquency to make the delinquency appear more recent than it really is
  10. Failure to note that an account/debt is disputed
  11. Reporting of Obsolete information (account that was in default more than 7.5 years ago except for judgments and bankruptcy)