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Sexual harassment, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, medical leave, unpaid wages, minimum wage and overtime pay violations, gender, age, race, color, national origin, discrimination, conviction record discrimination, arrest record discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower and other employment claims.

For more information on your employment rights, click here. Credit Reports

Credit report disputes, inaccurate credit reports, wrongful access to credit reports, out-dated information on credit reports, consumer reports, debt collection harassment, fraud, car fraud, misrepresentations, consumer claims for unfair practices, credit defamation, consumer act violations and other credit reporting and consumer protection claims.

For more information on credit reports, click here. Background Investigations In Employment

Employment background investigations, checks, background investigation reports, inaccurate criminal record reports, termination due to arrest records, conviction records and inaccurate public records, obtaining background checks without legal authorization, improper use of background investigations in employment, background reports in consumer and financial matters and other claims relating to the unlawful use of background investigation reports.

For more information on background reports, click here. Car Fraud

Used cars (demonstrators and returned cars) being resold as new, rebuilt salvage and wrecked cars being sold without appropriate disclosures, odometer fraud, undisclosed damage and other frauds committed by car dealers in the sale of new and used cars.

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Defense of collection lawsuits, Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy protection, Wisconsin Chapter 128 proceedings regarding debt obligations.

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