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Job Opportunities When You Are the Victim of Identity Theft

You can contact  any one or more of the 3 National Consumer Reporting Agencies to notify them of the identity theft, and they  will put a fraud alert on your consumer credit reporting file, making it more difficult for the thief to open new accounts in your name. The fraud alert is good for 90-days initially, and you can renew it. The contact numbers for each agency are:


  Tel: 800-525-6285



  Tel: 888-397-8742


 Trans Union:

  Tel: 800-680-7289

  Web: TUFraudAlertOnline

If you suspect you are the victim of Identity Theft, there are steps you should take immediately to protect yourself from further harm and lessen the impact of the damage already done.

You should visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website on Identity Theft and follow its suggestions. It is an excellent guide. Also, obtain a copy of the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft package, which includes a Fraud Affidavit that you can use to dispute fraudulent accounts and to file a police report of the fraud.

FTC on Identity Theft:

Filing a Complaint with the FTC:

Tel: 877-438-4338 (TTY 866-653-4261)

Web: FTCComplaint